By Victoria Kinkade

Man, Made to Order

(A steamy erotica novella)

Having everything doesn’t mean much if you’ve no one to share it.

I’m Leah, the COO of a major corporate division. In the eyes of the world, I have it all, but my dating life hasn’t gone so well. I live a lonely existence.

That changes when I order a sophisticated artificial man, the latest advance in android technology, custom made to my exact specifications. Soon, I find I’m developing feelings for him. It raises all sorts of uncomfortable questions, but I can’t deny what’s in my heart. He’s so much more than I anticipated.

He’s perfect.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t tolerate perfection.


I slid my hands up under his silky shirt, feeling the soft texture of his skin over a firm underlying musculature. He felt real and yet strangely unreal, more like a virgin’s fantasy of a man than a real one.

– Man, Made to Order

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