Lust of the Devil

You don’t say no to the devil. Especially in New Jersey.

Kiri and her friends are at an age where they are still discovering things about themselves and their sexuality. But their lives will be forever altered when the New Jersey Devil kidnaps and subjects them to his unnatural lusts. And to fiddlehead ferns. Oh, the inhumanity. 


When a group of teenagers travel to the famous Pine Barrens of New Jersey to make a student film things start getting sexy. When the girls are kidnapped by the monster known as the New Jersey Devil they must submit to his wild desires and maybe discover a few of their own. Kiri and her friends will have to use all their wits to escape him and the vast Pine Barrens wilderness. But will they be forever changed after they’ve had a taste of the devil?

Warning: This is quite a naughty book. So if the idea of kinky carnal (though not charnel) relations with cryptozoological creatures offends you, this may not be a chronicle you’ll cotton to. If, however, you find such craziness compelling, then by all means continue. It could be a dark comedy you’ll cherish.

Behind the Scenes

My thought process

Oh god! Another book about teenagers in the woods with a monster. Yes. It’s true the trope is overused. But who else would be dumb enough to go fool around and get themselves nabbed by a legend? Younger people tend to be easier to terrify, manipulate, and have a lot to learn about life in the course of a story. I tried to make an overused situation interesting. It’s up to you to decide if I did.

Cover Design

I found a stock photo of a girl demon and manipulated the image to create a shadowy NJ devil behind her.
The girl is blonde, so she isn’t Kiri, the main protagonist of the story. The blonde hair would make her Sienna, Kiri’s best friend. Sienna was never perched on the roof of the house, so the cover image is more of a mood setter than a perfect reflection of events in the story.


About the Author

I’m a freelance writer, artist, and graphic designer who has worked in various aspects of publishing for many years. I’ve lived in New York City for most of my life, but I’ve spent a good bit of time camping and thrashing around in the woods having adventures. I also aspire to own a little RV someday. Makes it easier to party while camping.

Up until recently, my life’s work has been bringing others’ stories and creations to fruition and success, but after all these years, I’m finally doing it for myself. It’s high time.


Quotes about Lust of the Devil

Oh, there will be quotes here, don’t you doubt it,

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