Man, Made to Order

Leah was successful in business but had trouble connecting with men. When she gets a brochure that offers the “ideal intimate companion” in her private message feed, she’s intrigued. After all, didn’t she have needs like everyone else? The “companion” was more expensive than a Manhattan penthouse, but she held her breath, cleaned out her retirement account, and placed the order.
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In the future companies are manufacturing artificial men and women. Androids of varying degrees of sophistication suited to particular tasks. But new, revolutionary advances allow artificials to serve as companions, to people wealthy enough to afford them, by mimicking the most powerful human emotion, love.

Leah is frustrated by wasting her time on messy, awkward human relationships. She orders one of the exclusive new artificials made to her exact specifications. He turns out to be quite a quality product. She finds herself responding to him in ways she could never have imagined. But is it love? Does it matter?

Leah will have to decide if she believes her artificial lover has real feelings and to judge what they are worth. That decision has the potential to change her life forever.

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Behind the Scenes


Every writer gets asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” Ideas come to me all the time in very random ways. The first time I saw Steven Spielberg’s film, A.I. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jude Law’s character, Gigolo Joe. Especially the unusual sex scene. “Once you’ve had a lover robot, you’ll never want a real man again,” he says. And he made me believe it.

I also read a book by Tanith Lee called The Silver Metal Lover that made a big impression on me when I was young, so I guess I’ve been obsessing about android lovers for quite a while. The concept of erotic encounters that are all about you with someone whose only concern is your pleasure…that seems pretty appealing.

An artificial man who exists just to please you. Is that sick? Whatever. Don’t think about it that hard. It’d be awesome!


Cover Design

I looked at stock photos for a very long time before I found a model who looked like the android I was picturing in my head. I bought a number of photos and did some retouching to bring the image a bit more in line with my imagination. I’m fortunate to have a background in graphics which gives me the ability to bring my imagination to life in pictures as well as words. Of course, the downside of doing it all myself is that I can’t leave anything alone. Tinkering is an unfortunate compulsion.

About the Author

I’m a freelance writer, artist, and graphic designer who has worked in various aspects of publishing for more years than I’m willing to admit. I live in New York City but spend a lot of time alone. This isolation can lead to me chatting with strangers in public places who invariably regard me with the polite wariness. Occasionally my work leads to invitations to interesting events with interesting companions and sublime cocktails. One moment I might be regarded as a possibly unbalanced looney, and the next a devil-may-care bon vivant-about-town.

Up until recently, my life’s work has been bringing others’ stories and creations to fruition and success, but after all these years, I’m finally doing it for myself. It’s high time.


“How far are any of us willing to go for the one we love? Would you be willing to give up your entire life? A love like that is incredibly special. I appreciate how much further we are taken into the lives of the characters than in most books of this subject. I will definitely be reading this again!” – ARC Reviewer

“This is the perfect unexpected love story that transcends all time.” Amazon Review

“Tastefully written, I found myself swept away by the story and the powerful emotions. And it ends with a satisfying HEA.” Amazon Review

“Exciting, suspenseful, attention grabbing, emotional, surprising and much more.” Amazon Review


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