Lust of the Devil

Lust of the Devil – A complete novella

You don’t say no to the devil.

When a group of teenagers travel to the famous Pine Barrens of New Jersey to make a student film things start to get sexy. But the girls are kidnapped and subjected to the unnatural lusts of the New Jersey Devil. One of the girls, Kiri, will have to use all her wits to help her and her friends escape the monster and the vast Pine Barrens wilderness. But will she want to after she’s had a taste of the devil?

Kiri is young. She’s still discovering things about herself. On a trip to the mysterious Pine Barrens of New Jersey she’s exposed to an unseen world that threatens to uncover dark desires so deeply hidden inside herself that she has no idea they are there. What was supposed to be a simple weekend trip with her friends to make a student film will transform her forever.

Warning: This is quite a naughty book. So if the idea of kinky carnal (though not charnel) relations with cryptozoological creatures offends you, this may not be a chronicle you’ll cotton to. If, however you find such craziness compelling, then by all means continue and indulge yourself.

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