This cute song perfectly expresses some of the themes I deal with in my new novella, Man Made to Order.

Man, Made to Order - A complete novella

The story deals with human-android romance and questions about what makes a being real. In the future companies are manufacturing artificial men and women. Androids of varying degrees of sophistication suited to particular tasks. But a new, revolutionary advance in design has allowed artificials to serve as pleasing companions, to people wealthy enough to afford them, by mimicking the most powerful human emotion, love.

Leah is frustrated by wasting her time on messy, awkward human relationships. She orders one of the exclusive new artificials made to her exact specifications. And he turns out to be quite a quality product. She finds herself responding to him in ways she could never have expected. But is his love only mimicry? How does one tell? And does it matter?

A wise man once said, “A difference that makes no difference is no difference.” Leah will have to decide if she believes her artificial has real feelings and to judge what they are worth for herself. That decision has the potential to change her life forever. 

PS. And yes. It was Spock that said the wise thing. I’m a huge Star Trek geek, okay?

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