It seems many Kindle publishers are up in arms and quitting because of articles like this one:

How an industry of ‘Amazon entrepreneurs’ pulled off the Internet’s craftiest catfishing scheme

I’ve seen these “How to Make Money on Kindle” books, videos and courses for a long time. They all seem to say the same thing. Hire a bunch of people for pennies to write you some books and publish a shit ton on Amazon under different pen names. They have all sorts of marketing plans and keyword tricks and fake reviews to make their books sell. Some of these guys claim to have made a million dollars of more. What’s clear from the quality of a lot of those books is that the publishers haven’t even read the books they’re publishing. They are frequently inadequately written and full of mistakes. I’ve bought a few myself. I buy a lot of books. I love to read and basically do it every spare minute. Yes, I’m one of those.

Well, I couldn’t be happier if these creeps are chased off. Let em drive off into the sunset in their fancy cars. I write all of my books. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have a passion for writing and a compulsion to do it whether I get paid for it or not. In the interest of full disclosure, Victoria Kinkade is my pen name for romance and erotica. My professional name is JayJay Jackson and I write horror books, thrillers and comic books. I also do graphic design, web design and illustration so I thought it would be less confusing to create a pen name for such a different genre. My real name is Janet Jackson, which is obviously why I use a name like JayJay for work. Can you imagine if someone wanted to Google me as Janet Jackson? Maybe my websites and work would show up on the 2,347th page of search results. So I switched to my nickname many years ago. How many you ask? Mind yer own beezwax. Or Google me.

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